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We have great experience and focus on customer satisfaction

More than 10 years shaping ERP

With contributions to more than 100 projects, we can handle every kind of implementation.

Happy customers

It's our priority. Above all.

A committed team

Our team of experts has 3 commitments:

deliver on time, with the expected quality, at the good price!

The leading open source ERP is disrupting the market

Odoo is open source

Odoo is committed to Open Source.

You can be sure you'll never be a prisoner of any vendor locked ERP.

Odoo is reliable

Odoo has been used by many companies since 2005. Moreover, the Odoo community is strong and growing (25,000+ contributors)

Odoo is fairly priced

You only pay for the services you need, not for expensive licenses.

Our Services


We help you setup your ERP from 1 to x modules with or without customization.

The key modules of an ERP are Sales, Stock, Purchase Invoicing and Payments, Accounting, and also Manufacturing, CRM, Project Management, HR, Payroll...

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Custom App

We create your Custom Business Apps

We build custom apps based on your requirements, in or outside of your ERP.

For instance, we built applications to support Supplier auditing, Fishing Quotas tracking, Cryptocurrency Trading, Quality Control reporting.

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Odoo releases a new "major" version every year and Komit can help you stay up to date.

Upgrading from one major version to the next one isn't an easy task: multiple tools exist with pros and cons and it must be handled as a project on its own.

Komit will help you choose the best approach to upgrade, and guide you through its proven Upgrade Methodology.

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