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 We have great experience and focus on customer satisfaction

More than 10 years shaping ERP

With contributions to more than 100 projects, we can handle every kind of implementation.

Happy customers

It's our priority. Above all.

A committed team

Our team of experts has 3 commitments:

deliver on time, with the expected quality, at the good price!


The leading open source ERP is disrupting the market

Odoo is open source

Odoo is committed to Open Source.
You can be sure you'll never be a prisoner of any vendor locked ERP.

Odoo is reliable

Odoo has been used by many companies since 2005. Moreover, the Odoo community is strong and growing (25,000+ contributors)

Odoo is fairly priced

You only pay for the services you need, not for expensive licenses.

Our services

 We build your ERP (from 1 to x modules)

 Native Odoo covers around 60% of your needs. Komit does the rest!

 We create your Custom Business Apps

 We build custom apps based on your requirements, in or outside of your ERP

Working with Odoo since 2009 in Vietnam, Jean-Charles Drubay developed a strong interest and passion for Odoo. He founded Komit in 2017 to implement Odoo with a refined methodology and a strong expertise.

With a network built on trust since 2009, Komit has benefited from fast growth thanks to past relationships. In 2018, Komit became the first Odoo gold partner in Vietnam. Komit is now a team of committed people, maintaining more than 40 Odoo projects in production. We are eager to deliver ERP projects which bring our customers great business value for a fair price.

Our vision is to grow progressively with our customers and to keep working together over multiple years. We want to focus on quality and long term relationships rather than a constant chase for new customers and new projects. This is why, since 2021, we are no longer a gold partner as we refuse to "over-push" the sales of Odoo Enterprise licenses when they are not necessary, but we remain an official Odoo partner. We believe that this vision is what customers need because ERP projects are implemented to be long lasting and evolve gradually with your business.

In order to support our objectives, we rely a lot on custom software applications (most of them built with Odoo) and automation. We have set up a complete system to facilitate project management with tickets, and reporting which we share with our customers. We follow and enforce best practices from Odoo Community Association when writing code thanks to continuous integration and automated tests of each line of code being produced.

Our strategy has been paying off and several Odoo partners around the world are outsourcing development to us. They trust we will understand the needs of their customers and that we will delivery high quality of code which follows standards and will be maintainable.

They trust us


What are the main modules inside Odoo?


Handle you sales process with a user-friendly interface


Setup your E-Commerce website in a few clicks with a single database for your products, stock and orders!


Your team won't lose information about your leads and customers anymore!


Keep track of all your invoices, your payments, and produce all financial statements.


Easily handle your suppliers and your products...


Keep track of the stock level and replenishment of your products, manage lots and control expiry dates.


Control your production with BOMs, manufacturing orders and lots. The manufacturing module is fully integrated with inventory.

Human Resources

Employees directory, leave tracking, payroll: Odoo has it all!

 A tailored ERP

a tailored methodology

Throughout the years, Komit has acquired a complete expertise in the implementation of Odoo projects from business analysis to support. We have put in place strong and adaptable processes with tools to ensure the quality, reliability and efficiency of our operations.

Thanks to these, we can confidently customize Odoo, so that your Odoo will be a tailor-made ERP designed especially for your business.

But before jumping into customization, we always try to check with you if you could reasonably adapt your processes to one of the multiple configurations of each of Odoo workflows. We always try to avoid custom developments to control the cost of your ERP implementation, and to facilitate the long term maintainability.

In addition, we adapt the way we work with each customer depending on their organization, our partners and the project phases by selecting the most suitable methodologies for the management of your project.

The standard project timeline

First Meetings
Pre-analysis and demo

During the first meetings, we validate your interest in Odoo, and define the high level scope of your project.


Together, we study how you are working, compare it with the features of Odoo, see if you could adapt to one of the configurations of Odoo, or document a customization to adapt Odoo to your requirements.


We provide you with a task breakdown, and an iteration breakdown.

Quick-start: we encourage starting with a first phase during which you will use the features of Odoo which do not require any customization. What you learn during this phase will contribute to our discussions when implementing features that requires customizations.

The Quick-start approach will reduce the risks,  let you benefit from quick-wins and let you discover naturally what Odoo can do.

x N Iterations

Technical Specifications


Internal Tests

Customer Tests

Each iteration is deployed to production and starts bringing value to your business without waiting for the next features.


We keep helping you by supporting your key users and by improving your Odoo application continuously.

We also provide services related to server management, backup, monitoring.