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Stop worrying about internal processes and 

focus on providing exceptional travel experiences to your customers!

Manage everything in one place

Your entire company can collaborate using the same platform. From storing prices, designing quotations, to issuing invoices and communicating with customers. All of this (and more!) can be done with k12.

Reduce manual tasks

For example, when you input prices for the next high-season, your sales team can instantly reuse that information to sell a tour for customers. After confirmation, invoices can be sent in a few clicks and you can monitor overdue invoices easily.

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The information you need comes to you

When your sales team is confirming a tour, they do not need to notify the accounting team; k12 does it for you. This is just an example of how k12 can boost your travel agency productivity.

k12 provides tailor-made features for Travel Agencies! 

It's the perfect combination of Odoo power with Komit expertise.

Store prices of hotels, guides, activities, etc. by city, by season, by night, etc.

Create attractive quotations to convince travellers to book their trip with your agency

After confirmation from travellers, get everything ready by confirming bookings with suppliers

Monitoring customer/supplier invoices and payments in multi-currencies

Integrate a collaborative solution, with task management, reminders and multi-languages

And more... k12 can also provide a CRM module, Document management, etc.

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