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Gain visibility on the human resources management and stay compliant.
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Simplify your HR Tools

Most companies struggle with complex HR systems. Komit developed k7 an all-in-one solution for Human Resources Management so you can concentrate on growing your business.

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Less manual tasks running the payroll

Payroll requires accuracy and punctuality. k7 helps to collect all necessary informations (time off, overtime, bonuses, newcomers, departures, etc.) on an ongoing basis so that your HR managers can compute the payroll in a few clicks!

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Get information you need, no more, no less

If a time off needs to be approved, the manager can automatically receive a notification. If a document is expired, you can renew it on time because you see the report. These are just examples of how k7 can boost your HR team productivity.

k7 provides tailor-made features for HR teams! 

It's the perfect combination of Odoo power with Komit expertise.

Employee Directory and Contracts: Store employees info, documents, contracts and get reminders when it's time to renew them.

Leaves: Follow-up balance of the leaves of each employee, track sick leaves, review the attendance of the month

Overtimes: approval system for overtime requests and approvals, by managers and/or HR managers.

Payroll: Compute your payroll in a few clicks and send custom payslips by emails to employees.

Vietnam: k7 Includes reports for Vietnam and a set of other customizations for Vietnamese companies. Setup for other countries can be done on-demand.

Other tools: Shift Management, Project Management, Training, Recruitment, HR expenses, etc.

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