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Meet Odoo 14

Odoo has been improved (again) with version 14. It's more beautiful, it's faster, the user experience is enjoyable,

A lot of attention has been given to the Website Builder, Manufacturing, Inventory Forecast and Replenishment modules.

A fantastic new feature named Spreadsheet allows you to dig into your data and build great reporting. Business Intelligence in Odoo is becoming a reality!

A major technical news is the introduction of OWL, Odoo Website Library, which will bring the user experience to a whole new level in the coming versions...


Inventory management just got a lot better with Odoo 14

Every year in October, a new version of Odoo is released during Odoo Experience, an intensive 3 days event held in Belgium. Among the news, I think that the most valuable for Odoo users was the set of improvements brought to the inventory management.

The barcode app is part of odoo enterprise, but the community version still benefits from the 2 new features for Stock Forecast and Replenishment.

Stock Forecast and Replenishment are two great features facilitating the daily tasks related to stock management significantly. And it won't only benefit the warehouse team, but also the Sales and Purchase teams.


Spreadsheet: business intelligence within Odoo

This Enterprise only feature, introduced in Odoo 14, might justify that you want to use Odoo Enterprise. It can help you build your own reporting to compare your budget with actual revenues and expenses, calculate sales commissions, compute sales forecast...

You will feel as if you are using a Google Spreadsheet or Excel, with the possibilities to access real time data of your favorite ERP, format your reports, generate graphs... That's all you need to stay on top of your business.

Read more about spreadsheets


Discover the new Odoo Website Builder in version 14

For a few years, the drag & drop of blocks in the website builder made it really intuitive to build a website.

Now, it has become really easy to customize colors, size, position, background, image quality... Building your website with Odoo is a very pleasant experience where you can focus on creativity and your content without having to face any technical challenges.

And then, transform your ERP into a fully integrated e-commerce platform in just a few clicks. No need for complex data synchronizations and multi-technologies architecture. With Odoo it is straightforward: all-in-one , all in the same place!

This website was created without a single line of custom code and only using the out of the box features of Odoo.

$ Under The Hood

Web Application

Odoo is a web application so nothing needs to be installed on your computer.

You can host it yourself on your server, with the support of Komit, or rely on the offers of Odoo with Odoo online and

Our most popular setup is using Ubuntu and Nginx, hosted by Komit.

Open Source

Odoo is an Open Source software hosted in GitHub.

The code base is split into 2 repositories Community and Enterprise.

Odoo Community is free to use for all and is licensed with LGPL. It's a full feature ERP

Odoo Enterprise is proprietary and you need to pay a license per user and per app to use it. This grants you the access to the code which can be re-used, modified and extended.

See Odoo community on GitHub


Odoo is designed to run with PostgreSQL, one of the leading Open Source Relational Data Base Management System

Python 3

Python is the most popular language according to many surveys and is the main language used by Odoo. 

Odoo Community Association

Odoo would not be what it is now without the strong community which is mostly represented by OCA (Odoo Community Association,

The mission of OCA is to "Establish and support an Open Source and collaborative community for the development and promotion of the Odoo features and modules.".

The most significant contributions of OCA are:

more than 3500 high quality open source Odoo modules,

code guidelines which we use at Komit as our standard,

tools to monitor the application of the code guidelines