Our new website with Odoo 17

Odoo 17 released and we used it to build our website!

October 31st, 2023

Last Friday morning (for Vietnam), the version 17 of Odoo was released. [1]

What's in it? There has been quite a lot of bits and pieces of info shared in the past weeks ...  And then, there will be a lot of info shared  during the Odoo Experience [2] starting on November 8th, 2023. 

We are looking forward to following the event and then we will share a curated list of newsworthy improvements.

As usual, you can expect a better UI and an increased speed.

Already, what has been amazing for us is that we could recreate this website in about 10 hours (with some content adjustments)!

This is also the opportunity for us to launch our blog so we can share more info with all the people who have been around Komit for the past 6 years!

The website builder of Odoo 17 works very nicely and it has been a pleasure rebuilding the website. Well done Odoo!

What's in it for you?

If you are not using Odoo in your company or you don't know Odoo, you can reach out to us at contact@komit-consulting.com and we can discuss how Odoo could help your business.

If you are already using Odoo, we can help you design a plan to upgrade your Odoo. 

Read more about Odoo Upgrades

Anyway, stay tuned to read our release notes about the new features of Odoo 17.

[1] https://github.com/odoo/odoo/tree/17.0

[2] https://www.odoo.com/event/odoo-experience-2023-3735/page/oxp23-introduction

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